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We specialize in unique whips for anyone looking for something a little different. All of our whips feature a special core which returns more energy faster and more efficiently than other cores.We offer hand shaped replaceable falls, balanced for each individual whip.





Some Interesting Facts About Black Cat Whips:


  • •All Black Cat Whips are constructed from farm raised kangaroo leather, veg tanned and stranded into lace by hand.  None of those wild/hobo kangaroos shot down by poachers for our customers!!!!


  • •A 4.5 foot synthetic Black Cat Bullwhip was once used to stop a mugging....by a female!!!!!


  • •ALL Whips feature at least two braided bellies



  • •About half of our orders are personal custom orders that are made just for that specific person never to be duplicated.  Some examples bellow:












  • All of our whips are at least 16 plaits


  • •Even our synthetic whips feature two full braided bellies


  • •We are extremely competatively priced


  • •Blackcatwhips is 100% Lifestyle supportive 


  • •The cores of our whips run the entire length of the whip for increased accuracy and consistency


*Our whips are at least 80% more fun to throw than our leading competitors. The preceeding statement is only opinion BUT it has been evaluated by a rocket engineer (that part is fact and the rocket engineer can be seen pictured bellow)





You really must throw a Black Cat Whip to see just how truly unique they really are. We offer a wide range of sizes on our whips and handles. This will ensure we can help create the perfect whip for you.

A Black Cat Whip is a must have for any whip enthusiast. Please feel free to email us with any questions you may have in selecting just the right whip for you.



Questions, Comments, Wanna Discuss Whips, Just Wanna Talk About A Crappy Day At Work...give us a call.... 920-750-3221 or email blackcatwhips@yahoo.com





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