Synthetic Sniper Whips
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***If you intend your whips to be a matched pair, please order two whips and select the matched pair option when ordering, if not your whips may be made at separate times and may not match. (The total for the matched pair will be the whip price x2 plus $50)***


Sniper whips




Here’s something new.  Traditionally a bullwhip includes a handle AND a strip of leather called a fall at the end of the thong that the cracker attaches to.  Our sniper whips are defined by having a handle (like a bullwhip) and NO fall.  There are two options for the end of a sniper whip.  The first option is what we call the hybrid option; where the cracker is braided directly into the thong like on a signal whip.  The second option is an original idea we researched and developed.  Instead of a braided in cracker we finished the whip with a slender knot that is sealed untill it forms a slight knob.  This allows for quick changes of crackers, to either different material, or different lengths (see picture). We call this the "conversion" option since it's something that whip enthusiasts have been doing for years; "converting" thier signals to accept different crackers. These are NOT just bullwhips with a different end the bodies of these whips have a longer taper and the "tail portion" extends longer than it does on traditional bullwhips, which tends to make these whips feel very light.


In either variation these whips are super responsive, fast and ridiculously accurate.  These are the perfect “east coast swing” single tails and just a great all around play whip.  They change direction MUCH faster than a bullwhip but are way more sensitive to wrist action so can be used for light sensual play or even a warm-up.


Like all of our whips they feature 2 full braided bellies. They are very easy to clean and are incrediably durable.



Sizing for these whips is a bit different.  The total length of the whip is measured from the end of the handle to the first knot.  So a four foot sniper with the "hybrid" option would be 48 inches from the handle knob to the the  last cracker knot, with an additional 6 to 8 inches of crackers.  A 5 foot sniper with the "conversion" option would be 60 inches  from the butt of the handle to the "knob" where the cracker attaches.


Generally speaking I recommend that customers go "a size bigger" with these whips.  If you're fond of 3 foot bullwhips or snake whips I'd suggest getting one of these in 4 feet.  Since they have no fall you get the benefit of more flexible thong while taking up less play space.


The 4 foot version of this whip is so very versatile its a great whip to learn on and if you're a practiced "tailist" it will absolutely sing for you.  4 feet with the "conversion" is what I recomend to "professional" indoor players, where cracker changes between scenes is nececary.  It comes with an 8 inch handle but will work just fine with handles as long as 10 inches.  If you need more legnth or miss your fall just attach a longer cracker.



5 foot Sniper whips are my personal favorite whips.  They take up less space than most 4 foot bullwhips and even some 3 foot bullwhips.  They can even be used for wraps due to the length of the thong.  comes with and 8 inch handle.  I'll make it with a a handle up to 12 inches but I recommend nothing longer than 10 inches for this particular whip.




AS Always Uncle Val you friendly neighborhood whip consultant is here for all your questions or call 920-750-3221  or email   

Synthetic Sniper Whips

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